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Eurogulf Intranet Project

Intranet Dashboard is a CMS based application designed using
Tutortek is the outsourcing partner for Eurogulf for the Intranet functionality implementation, design customization,
support and service.
Tutortek is proud to announce its accomplishments for the customization and design for the Intranet Dashboard.
The functionalities provided by MAC Machine Tools and Automation are Vision Mission and Core Values , Messages from Leadership Team, Company Policies, Company Processes, Emergency Contacts, Customer Corner, Rewards and Recognition, Newsletters, CSR Initiatives, Company Bulletin, QMS, Celebrations Corner, Annual Training Calendar, Performance Books, Surveys/Quick Poll, Corporate Events, Knowledge management, Thought For The Day, Technology Corner, Talent Needs & References, Employee Information, Suggestion & Feedback, Phone Directory, E-mail/Internet, Business Verticals, Business Enablers, Company Assets& Infra, General Information, Holiday List.

The Intranet Dashboard components used to achieve these functionalities are Breadcrumb bar, Site header, Navigation, Site List , Profile Directory, User Profile, Search, Site Footer, #channel feed, Employee Training, News, News Crousels, News Headlines, Quick Links, World Time, Ad Manager, FAQ, Quick Poll, Clever Tool, Company Calendar, Most Popular Links, Online Forms, Contact Manager, File Download, Horizontal Rule, Image, Formatted Text, Heading, HTML, Quote, Unformatted Tex

32 Functional requirements implemented along with a very high quality customized design

Scope of Work Covered

  • Implementation of 32 Functional Requirements
  • High Quality Front End Design
  • Role based User Access
  • Enterprise Search
  • Online forms and Workflow
  • KM Portal – Document Management and Library Tagging
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Process Automation
  • Notification and Alerts
  • Intranet Analytics
  • Staff Directory
  • Compliance Management
  • Versioning
  • Documentation

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Mockup of Eurogulf Intranet Project

Tutortek provides high quality Intranet development service which will help in better internal
communications, sharing of resources, best practices and improved customer service.

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