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MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. MSBI is a powerful suite which is composed of tools which helps in providing the best solution for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. This tool uses Visual studio along with SQL server. MSBI empower users to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making in an organization. MSBI offers different tools for different processes which are required in Business Intelligence solutions. According to Gartner, Microsoft offers a broad range of BI and analytics capabilities, both on-premises and in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Microsoft Power BI is the focus for this Magic Quadrant and is on its second major release, offering cloud based BI with a new desktop interface Power BI Desktop., and MSBI is placed in leaders quadrant.

Course Details

1.Introduction to Data warehousing & Business Intelligence SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence
2. SQL server Integration Services
3.SSIS package Deployment
4.SSIS package Management
5.What is Microsoft Bussiness Intelligence
6. Intermediate SSAS
7.Variables and Cinfigurations
8. Debugging Error handling and logging

MSBI course can be taken up by:

  • Students & Freshers : If you're interested in a career in data science and analytics, then MSBI is a great skill set to have

  • Working Professionals : This course is an requirement for those IT professionals who need to change their domain in Business Intelligence and Data Mining.

MSBI Course Content

    Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services
  • SSIS Package Architecture Overview
  • Development and Management Tools
  • The Import and Export Wizard
    Introduction to Data Flow
  • Data Flow Overview
  • Data Sources
  • Data Destinations
  • Data Flow Transformations
  • Data Viewers
  • Excel Source
  • Flat File Source
  • OLE DB Source
  • XML Source
  • Aggregate Transformation
  • Audit Transformation
  • Character Map Transformation
  • Conditional Split Transformation
  • Copy Column Transformation
  • Derived Column Transformation
  • Data Conversion Transformation
  • Multicast Transformation
  • OLE DB Command Transformation
  • Percentage Sampling Transformation
  • Row Count Transformation
  • Sort Transformation
  • Union All Transformation
    • Lookup Transformation
    • Merge Transformation
    • Merge Join Transformation
    • Slowly Changing Dimension Transformation
    • Pivot Transformation
    • Export Transformation
    • Import Transformation
    • Unpivot Transformation
    • Data Reader Destination
    • Excel Destination
    • Flat File Destination
    • OLE DB Destination
    • Control Flow Overview
    • Precedence Constraints
    • The Execute SQL Task
    • The Bulk Insert Task
    • The File System Task
    • The FTP Task
    • The Send Mail Task
    • Bulk Insert Task
    • Data Flow Task
    • Execute DTS 2000 Package Task
    • Execute Package Task
    • Execute Process Task
    • Web Service Task
    • XML Task
  • manipulating data using inbuilt base R functions
  • Use of packages for data manipulation :
      • For Loop Container
      • For Each Loop Container
      • Sequence Container
    • Variables Overview
    • Variable scope
    • SSIS system variables
    • Using variables in control flow
    • Using variables in data flow
    • Using variables to pass information between packages
    • Property expressions
    • Configuration Overview
    • Configuration options
    • Configuration discipline
    • SSIS debugging overview
    • Breakpoints in SSIS
    • Control Flow: The On Error event handler
    • Data Flow: Error data flow
    • Configuring Package Logging
    • Built-in log providers

MSBI Course Highlight

Statistics, Basic Programming
Course Duration (Hrs.)
Project / Assignment (Hrs)
Trainer Experience
5+ years
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Excellent MSBI training and happy with the training. I have successfully completed my training.

Best MSBI training in bangalore. This institution has a brilliant faculty who are very friendly and communicable.They taught in such a way that i found it interesting and easy to learn.It is a must go for people who want to pursue in computers.


Very good training center with excellent faculty for MSBI course. This institute really helped me to get a good job in Bangalore. I recommend this institute for the guys who really want to learn any new technologies.


Best place to Upgrade your MSBI skill sets, to match up to the current market expectation. Faculties here are very much cooperative to solve your doubts and make sure you are well verse with the learnings, will provide the handy information on frequently asked interview questions.

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