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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a scripting language developed by Microsoft which allows the development of user-defined functions and the automation of certain processes and calculations. VBA is built into most Microsoft Office applications to extend their functionality. It can be used to control many aspects of the host application, including manipulating user interface features, such as menus and toolbars, and working with custom user forms or dialog boxes.

Course Details

Tutortek's VBA Macro Course (online / classroom) training is designed to help you become a top VBA Macro’s Professional. During this course, our expert instructors will help you:

  • Process Automation
  • Report Generation Automation
  • Eliminate Manual Process/Manual Interaction
  • Organize & Managing data easily using the tool
  • Excel Based Automation
  • Automation of Import/Export utility
  • Organizing data into Multiple workbooks/worksheets
  • Interaction to Databases (MS-Access, SQL Server etc.)
  • Interaction of Applications (eg: PowerPoint, Outlook, Word)
  • Automate the Send e-mail (Download attachment, send file etc.)
  • Eliminate Manual Process/Manual Interaction
  • Automate complex analysis easily

Excel VBA Macro Training can be taken up by:

  • Students & Freshers : As a fresher it would be little difficult to get the job.Learning VBA Macro will open new doors of oppurtunities for you.

  • Working Professionals : Who are not satisfied with their current profile & wants to boost their career with the latest technology.

Excel VBA Macro Course Content

  • Accessing the visual basic editor
  • Switching between Applications
  • The VB editor windows
  • Creating and Removing Modules
  • Renaming Modules
  • Setting up of code fonts and colours
  • Beginning of Subroutine
  • Laying out code neatly
  • Writing comments
  • Basic VBA Grammar
  • Saving files containing code
  • Running subroutine
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Drawing simple buttons
  • Using Drawing objects
  • Designing Ribbon tabs and toolbars
  • The MessageBox Functions
  • Customising Msgboxes
  • Concatenating Boxes
  • Using Multiple Lines
  • Reading Cell Values into Messages
  • Asking Questions with Msgboxes
  • Displaying an Input box
  • Customising an Input box
  • Capturing the Result
  • Cancelling from an Input box
  • Returning Different Data Types
  • VBA Properties and its types
  • Selecting single and multiple cells by using :
    1. Range
    2. Cells
    3. Offset
  • Referring to activecell
  • Selecting Multiple cells
  • Referring to the selection
  • Using Range Names
  • Sheets and Types of Sheets
  • Referring abd Moving between Sheets by using:
    1. Names
    2. Index number
    3. Code Name
  • Selecting Single and multiple sheets
  • Manipulating Sheets:
    1. Inserting and Deleting
    2. Copying and Moving
    3. Renaming
    4. Hiding and Unhiding
  • Types of Error:
    1. Syntax Errors
    2. Compile Errors
    3. Runtime Errors
  • Debugging a Subroutine:
    1. Stepping through code
    2. Setting Breakpoints
    3. The Debug Toolbar
  • Referring to workbooks
  • Opening and Creating workbooks
  • Saving Workbooks
  • What is Variables?
  • Using Non-Declared Variables
  • Explicitly Declared Variables
  • Variable Data Types
  • Errors while using Variables
  • Changing the Scope of Variables
  • Declaring Object Variables
  • Using the SET Keyword
  • Creating and Referencing Objects
  • Using methods to set references
  • Writing a Simple With Statement
  • Creating More Complex References
  • Referencing other Objects
  • Simple If Statements
  • Single line Ifs
  • The Elseif Statement
  • Nesting Ifs
  • Combining Logical Tests
  • Writing a Simple Select Case Statement
  • Phrasing a Logical Test
  • Nesting with Select case Statements
  • Introduction to Loops and its Types
  • The Basic Do Loop Statement
  • Conditionally Ending a Loop
  • Do Until vs. Loop Until
  • Do While vs. Loop While
  • Exiting from a Loop
  • Some Practical Examples
  • Using Loop Counters
  • The Step Keyword
  • Exiting from a For Next Loop
  • Looping Through Items in a collection
  • The For Each Next Statement
  • Using Object variables
  • Looping Over the Worksheets Collection
  • Looping Over Workbooks
  • Looping Over Chartobjects
  • Looping Over Cells
  • Nesting for Each Loops
  • Writing a Simple Functions
  • Calling Functions
  • Creating Parameters
  • Optional Parameters
  • Rewriting Code to use Functions
  • Interacting with files and folders
  • Dynamic creation of files and folders
  • TextBox, Combobox, Listbox
  • Button, Label etc

Tutortek's VBA Macro Course Highlight

Advance Excel, Basic programming
Course Duration (Hrs.)
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Trainer Experience
5+ years
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Kiran K
Hi All, I joined Tutortek for basic VBA . I would recommend this to any one who is looking for course offered by Tutortek.

I got good training for Advance Excel from Mr. Vijay. And for VBA Macros I got good training from Mr. Naveen.

Ravi Gaonkar

Taken VBA classes excellent coaching, I suggest any body looking for VBA to join Tutortek.


Best place to Upgrade your r analytics skill sets, to match up to the current market expectation. Faculties here are very much cooperative to solve your doubts and make sure you are well verse with the learnings, will provide the handy information on frequently asked interview questions.

Stella Rani

I am stella undergoing basic VBA course, training is excellent with real time knowledge.

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Tutortek's VBA Macro Online Training 30 hrs 60 hrs 25 March 9:00AM-11:00AM
Tutortek's VBA Macro Classroom Training 30 hrs 60 hrs 27 March 7:00PM-9:00PM

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